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accidental exposure

4 awesome situations of dick slips

When do you figure that a dick can pop out?

I wanna show you some candid pictures featuring unaware guys with their dicks popping out accidentally from their shorts or underwear. There are different situations where a dick could slip and I wanna share with you some of these.

Dick pop out during sport

The first pic is about a classic situation that may occur very often: sportsmen dicks pop out are commonplace. Look at these fighters, the guy on the left reveals his cock accidentally during the fight.

sportsman dick slip

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Dick slip from a sleeping dude

This guy has fallen asleep and he doesn’t know that his penis is popping out of his shorts.

sleeping guy with dick slip

This is another hot picture and I like it a lot: this is a group of supporters and most of them are wearing a kilt. Look at the smoking guy on the left, you can see his big dick popping out of his kilt.

man with kilt dick pop out

A very weird pic of a dick slip

Okay I agree with you, this is very strange for a guy in a supermarket and I’m trying to figure out how that happened. This dude is in a mall and he’s watching some products, but I can’t understand if he knows that he got his huge dick out of his trousers. Maybe he took a pee in the toilet and he forgot to get his dick back in his pants.

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guy with dick out at the mall



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