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Mariano Mattera in the shower

Naked shower at the Gran Hermano Argentina

I start thinking that the Big Brother Argentina 2016 (Gran Hermano) will give us a lot of pleasure. After watching Dante undressing and revealing his huge dick, now we have Mariano Mattera, the sexy 23 years old truck driver who took part in this amazing TV reality show.

mariano mattera

Is his dick hard during shower?

Mariano took his first shower completely naked and he didn’t seem too concerned about showing off his huge hard dick. Well, now I wanna let you judge this for yourselves: I believe that this handsome guy got a hardon during his shower, or at least a semi. How do you call it otherwise, a big softie? Anyway, I have two amazing videos for you: watch Mariano showering completely naked and let me know what do you think about him… and his cock too, lol!

This is the first video of Mariano Mattera nude in the shower.

Then, you can enjoy the second part below.


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