Ricky from Mexico Gran Hermano naked in the shower

The 16th edition of the Mexican Gran Hermano (Big Brother) is very satisfying: last week I posted about a hardon exposure from Vera, a contestant of the GH16. Today I’m back to show you something new from the Spanish edition, let’s discover who is the guy who showed his privates on TV this time!

Ricky is a handsome straight dude

Probably you don’t know who is Ricky, but I think he’s worth a quick search over the web to better know him. Tall, muscled and tremendously sexy with his tempting smile, he’s a contestant of the 16th edition of the Big Brother Spain. I’ve collected some images of this hunky male for you, let’s have a look at the gallery below.

This dude is fully exposed in the shower

The Canarian guy appeared totally naked with his big uncut dick out for the joy of all the Big Brother peepers like me! Of course he’s aware that the cameras are filming each and every movement in the house and probably you’re wondering if he did it to show his cock off or maybe accidentally. But whatever happened, I can guarantee you that I’ll continue to follow the Gran Hermano very closely! I’ve found the uncensored pictures from the ERICDEMAN library, so consider to take a tour to join the biggest resource for Big Brother male nudity!

Here is the pic that is becoming viral over the internet right now!

ricky gran hermano naked shower

And this is a nice closeup of his big penis!

dick big brother male shower





  • julio perez benito

    that is gran hermano from spain no from mexico

  • Gusanoman

    Spain is as different from México as the United Kingdom is from Australia