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Guys peeing in public

Have you ever caught a dude peeing in public?

I think it is not usual for most of us catching guys who pull their dicks out to take a leak in the open areas of the city. Probably we have to consider that there are places more likely to become a scenario for such “shows” and at certain moments of the day, but we will see this in a second.

Think about the last time you saw a guy or a man pissing at the corner of the street? Where did it happen? At what time? Was the guy alone or with some friends? No, this is not an interrogation, but you’ll understand why I’m focusing on such circumstances later.

Let’s have a look at one candid picture from a dude caught peeing.

Guy peeing on the grass

Guy peeing on the grass

Where do guys pee in public?

I’ve been able to catch guys pissing in public a lot of times and now I continue to wonder about the time and the places where this happened to me. Well, just off the top of my head, something like late night outside a club. Is it the same for you?

But there are so many other places where you can find a dude taking a pee: in the road, in front of shop entryways, in the subway, next to alleyways. It’s just infinite choices ahead of you and with a bit of luck you’ll be able to watch a nice guy peeing right in front of your eyes when you hit the corner of the road.

I’m not saying that only drunk guys and clubbers could pee in the outdoor, but if you just listen to me, you’ll be a lot more likely to find a man with his dick out. Best of all, don’t forget that if the pisser is drunk, you’ll have the chance to watch him and he won’t even notice! Look at the guy below: he’s a Spanish guy and he reminds me the San Fermin drunk guys caught peeing. It was daytime and he doesn’t seem to be worried about stopping in the middle of the road and pull his penis out in front of the passersby.

Spanish guy drinking beer and peeing in the middle of the street

Spanish guy drinking beer and peeing in the middle of the street

There are some nice Tumblr pages featuring pics and short clips featuring drunk boys in the city and caught on camera. Here I wanna list two of them:

  • Caught pissing in public: a nice collection of photographs (even in high quality) and frequently updated
  • Boys piss anywhere: less candid pics than the previous page, but you’ll find tons of sexy dudes pissing outdoor

I like to see a guy pissing down the street. I’m a voyeur and I leave it at that.

But I have to say that not everybody thinks like us: there are people who are fighting against the street pisser. The clearest example of this comes from Hamburg (Germany), where citizens tired of finding their building walls piss-covered implemented a radical new approach: they covered the walls of St Pauli (the red light district of Hamburg) with a highly water-repellent paint. You can read more about City Sick Of Drunk Guys Peeing Everywhere Uses Science To Give ‘Street Pissers’ A Nasty Surprise.

Do public pissers love to show it to the public?

I am forced to ask myself this question as I found tons of pics of guys who pee in public and smile to the camera, like when they take selfies. This means that these buddies are exhibitionists and they probably wanna leave these memories!Here I have an example to show you: the guy with the yellow sweatshirt is peeing at this outdoor party and when he realizes that he’s being captured on camera he smiles and it seems that he’s having fun.

dude peeing in public park guy peeing in public

Spycam pictures of guys caught peeing in public

What I love most are those candid pictures and videos featuring unaware guys filmed while taking a leak in a public place. Probably these men do not want to be caught on camera, but there is always a voyeur ready to spy on them with a hidden camera.

What about if a public pisser appears by mistake in a picture. It happened and I can tell you that I really like this situation.

So I have a funny picture to share with you: this is a selfie at an outdoor party. While the two girls smile to the camera for a selfie, there is a guy behind them who pees while chatting with his friends.

guy peeing party outdoor

I’m quite sure that the girls above have changed expression when they saw the photo, lol 😉

Now we know how and where to find guys pissing in outdoor places. If you have any other idea please share you opinion with me and leave a comment.

In the meanwhile, why don’t you take a tour to the EricDeman video library? You’ll find tons of pictures and videos (from 30 secs to even minutes) featuring guys captured on cam while peeing in public. I think this site is undoubtedly the best and most updated you may find on the web.


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