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Guys captured while sleeping naked

Sleeping dudes… with the dicks out

Does your room mate love to sleep naked? Let him sleep and take him a picture! I love to watch guys who use to fall asleep with their dicks out. I could spend hours at the foot of their beds watching them relaxing naked.

We need to encourage guys to sleep completely naked as it brings benefits according to the Telegraph and Mens Fitness: it could boost sexual life and it allows to burn more calories. I think the best benefit for us is that we can see much more candid male nudity with ease! Do you agree with me?

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So I have some images of guys captured while sleeping naked: let’s see some dreaming guys, starting with those who prefer to sleep on their stomach.

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Nice dicks from sleeping guys

Guys who sleep on their back show their cocks and this is my favourite position, for me and for the guys captured on the following pictures.

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I also have to tell you that sometimes guys who sleep naked get tricked by their roomies: or even guys wearing briefs could be victim of some foul plays made by their friends: EricDeman video library has some nice clips about that!


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