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How to spy on guys inside a lockerroom

Hello guys, today I wanna surprise you with a real tutorial on how to spy on guys in the lockerroom without getting caught. You know that gym or sports lockerroom are always full of sexy guys changing and getting naked and probably you have always dreamt about filming on the most handsome men to watch those videos again and again at your home. Actually spying on dudes in the locker room is not that hard and now you can learn the secrets from professional voyeurs like the guys at EricDeman video library or the spycam king at Sneaky Peek. I made this tutorial so that you can learn how to record a hidden cam video in the men changing room with ease.

The first things to learn about spying in a lockerroom

I assume you hang around a gym or a town pool and your locker room has some public spaces where you use to see nude guys changing or walking to the shower room. Okay, so you wanna record your first spy video, but you don’t know where to begin. Keep in mind that you have to complete this mission secretly taking some practical steps to record your videos safely. The most important thing is that you don’t get caught… the other guys could get really angry if they realize that their dicks will be saved on your PC!

Get ready with your spy devices

This process starts at home: get ready with all you need to proceed and be sure that you know how to use the device you intend to bring with you to record your footages.

rear view guy lockerroom

What kind of spy camera?

Many blog readers ask me if I use a mobile phone to make a vid: I can tell yes, you can even use your iPhone to spy on guys, quality would be undeniably excellent, but you prefer to use a more discreet device. It’s always better if you have a tiny cam, ideally a micro camera installed in some object that don’t look suspicious. For example a key car, a key chain, a pen or something else that nobody could suspect. Look at these examples, you can buy them on the web with ease and at cheap prices.

Note: You want a tiny but powerful camera: your videos should have a pretty high resolution. Check the specifications of each product.

micro spy cameras

Examples of tiny cameras you can use to spy on guys

Now that you have your jewel of modern technology in your hands, learn how to use it and try it at home: let’s assume that you wanna use a fake keychain. You can try holding it at your gym bag and start recording. You can start learning how powerful are the lens and how far they can see. Record a first 30 seconds video, then move it to your PC or notebook, watch it and judge if it can work in your gym lockeroom. If everything is fine, you can watch your video properly and if your spycam has a mic you can even listen to the audio (you probably wanna record those conversations from straight buddies, lol).

Note: Be sure that you microcamera doesn’t make sound when it starts recording a video or if it has a light when it is working.

Let’s enter the guys’ locker-room

Did you do your homework? I hope you are now familiar with your hidden camera. So, let’s start with your first spy gym footage. The first time you may go to the gym with your cam already installed, maybe in your gym bag. You can hold it to the bag’s handle, it will look like a normal keychain (if someone could ever notice it). Look at the picture below.

spycam in gym bag

Your locker room is crowded now, it’s rush time and all the guys finished their workouts, they need to undress and get ready to take a shower. It’s time for some action. Guys are busy chatting about their hard day at work or the last football match and this is the perfect moment for you!

Now simply push the button to start recording the video: be sure to keep the camera at a good viewing height, you want to record the guys’ bodies, not only their faces, correct?

You can point the lens to the guys stripping near their lockers or maybe to the dudes walking by the shower room (if you have the possibility to do that).

Your new spy pal is working and once finished you’ll go home quickly to put your first video on your PC. Did it turn out pretty good? Well, you’re now a graduated voyeur… but wait… there are lots of ways you can consider to make new amazing videos!

How to hide your spycam

Did you consider to put your camera inside your locker and leave it opened? This is an easy way to spy on men, you can obtain a nice view, but probably with a smallest angle on the scene. This is very common method used by the SNEAKY PEEK guys to spy inside the sport lockerroom.

spycam in gym locker to spy on guys

If you prefer to have a widest angle on the scene, you can opt for this smart solution. I did it in my gym and it worked very well. Put your microcamera near all your things on the bench or maybe hold it to your protein shake bottle and record your video this way.

Note: Be sure that, if you go away, nobody can touch or move your belongs, otherwise the cam might turn back or fall down!

Now you can read your text messages, your emails… just take your time while your spy camera is doing the hard work! You can even leave it on the bench and go to take a shower!

record a spycam video in lockerroom

Be smart! Some tips to be a smart voyeur

Now I wanna sum it up to be sure that you have understood all the secrets of the professional voyeurs.

  1. Search the web to find your micro camera: look for one having a good resolution, being descreet and with a capable memory card
  2. Try it at your home, learn how to use it correctly
  3. When you’re ready, go to your gym’s changing room and get ready to make your first candid video. You should feel confident and decisive.
  4. Make sure to turn off any sound from your devices. Don’t make the men near you suspicious!
  5. If your first approach with candid vids failed, keep trying! Make another attempt, try to position the cam in a different way.

how to spy on guys lockerroom

Some great videos from guys caught in the lockerroom

Now that you got the point, I wanna show you some videos recorded by the SNEAKY PEEK spycam megasite. 900x120_SneakyPeek01


As you can tell from the video above, the spycam has been placed in a locker and it is filming on the guys changing after the game.

Here is another video featuring a sexy inked muscle dude undressing and going to the shower room.


New spy tutorials are coming

Stay tuned on for the new amazing tutorials: check back soon and learn how to spy on dudes in the shower! If you liked this post, tell your friends or share it on your favourite social network, you can use the buttons at the top of this article!




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