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Take a sneaky peek in the workers changing room

worker caught naked lockerroom

Locker-room talk and banter: I love this!

Hey guys, I can finally say it’s Friday, this week has been a tough one for me and all I need is going to the gym to spend some time in the steam room and of course in the lockerroom. Anyway, today I don’t wanna talk about gym lockerrooms as I’ve also shared with you some spycam pics from guys caught naked there. I wanna talk with you about the workplace changing rooms: these are the places where sweaty men go after a hard shift to get their uniforms off and get ready to go home. Of course it is a bit different from the gym lockerrooms: not all guys get completely naked and I consider that some men could be afraid to expose their bodies and dicks to the other collegues. Nobody wants to be teased about the size of the penis during a shift.

I wouldn’t joke anybody, I swear, I’d limit to spy on the guys getting naked!

Anyway, I would like to focus on what really happens inside a male locker-room: men undress and get naked one in front of each other and what I like most is the comradely mood being created here. Have you ever overheard those crude and vulgar comments that guys pass to each other while touching their cocks waiting to get in the shower? Well, this is called “locker-room talk”. The Urban Dictionary explains what locker-room talk means, also telling that “it exists solely for the purpose of male comedy and is not meant to be taken seriously”. But since I take it seriously now I wanna show you how a horny worker behaves in the changing room with his mates.

Enjoy the spycam pictures and watch the video below. You’ll find more from this guy at SneakyPeek.

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