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Two of the biggest dicks on the Italian TV

You know guys that Italian television is very prudish and they don’t broadcast full nudity, but they censor even a naked arse. But the problem will solve itself thanks to the hard work of the EricDeman voyeur site and its staff that constantly try to find what the television tries to hide. Today I decided to talk about the two biggest dicks I have ever seen from the Italian reality TV shows: one of the two guys is well known and I talked about him a few weeks ago. He is Riccardo Vallone, a 29 years old stud from Rome who took part in the Adam looking for Eve edition. You know that the show is censored in Italy, but two circumstances were in our favor: the broadcasters didn’t hide almost everything, but they missed something and you can see the huge dick of the guy even on TV. I have the pictures here for you. Look at the first two shots and you’ll notice his big cock appearing!

riccardo italian adam eve reality naked tv dick

Hard to find full nudity shots

The other circumstance playin in our favor is undoubtely the work made by voyeur Eric Deman who have managed to dig out more uncensored pictures from this hung stud and I have one of them for you.

riccardo vallone adam eve italian tv uncensored naked

You’ll find more pictures and videos from TV reality shows at ERICDEMAN.COM, take a tour now.

Gianluca naked on TV: the other hung Italian dude

Let’s talk about the same reality show, which is called “L’isola di Adamo ed Eva” in Italy: this time we can admire another contestant whose pictures are available without any censorship. He is Gianluca and he’s a muscled stud with a very big uncut dick who took part in this funny reality show. Here is a picture for you.

isola di adamo ed eva male full nudity dicks

So, don’t think that if a TV show has been censored you won’t be able to find those delicious pictures. Do what I do, visit the Eric Deman archive dedicated to TV nudity and you won’t regret it!


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