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sport bulge

7 hot pics from athletes in spandex

Visible penis lines from hot sportsmen

Hello guys, today I wanna show you how athletes in spandex are forced to show their penis lines to the public. Yes, because they inevitably show their bulges during the matches or while they stand on the podium for the award ceremony. But after sharing these shoots with you guys I think I might be out there seeing what else I can find featuring these hot athletes with nice bulges.

In this post I have collected pics from fighters, rowers, bike runners, swimmers…all these guys wear tight spandex shorts or singlets and their penis lines are not a secret anymore!

visible-penis-lines-young-cyclists visible-penis-line-guy-spandex rowers-team-visible-dick-lines ripped-swimmer-cock-line-speedo french-athletes-visible-penis-lines fighter-visible-penis-line athlete-visible-penis-line-spandex-shorts



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