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sport bulge

Close-up on big sportsmen bulges

So guys you haven’t had your daily sport bulge quota? Yesterday afternoon I went to the gym and I was rewarded by the sight of some sporty lads wearing lycra shorts, as they wanna deliberately show off their big bulges! It was so hard for me to avoid checking them out constantly. I hope I haven’t made a complete ass of myself!

Real sportsmen bulges

I probably should have thought about before and cool down: since I am a proud member of Rugger Bugger sportsmen archive I can spend as much time as I like watching hundreds of real sportsmen’s bulges and visible penis lines. Now I wanna share some of the latest pictures just to making it clear what I’m into.

italian rowers bulge visible penis lines

This is a group of winning Italian rowers wearing spandex singlets that reveal their dick lines.

professional runner dick bulge

A black athlete with a nice bulge. See more bulges from real athletes here.

footballers visible bulges

These three footballers are training on the field and you can see their dick bulges appearing from their lycra shorts.



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