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Visible penis lines from real sportsmen

Hey dude, I’m not too big of a sports fan, but I always like to see those completely cute sportsmen wearing revealing lycra shorts or spandex singlets: I love guessing what lies beneath their sportswear. I can tell you that it’s not that hard as long as these men wear such compressing clothes.

Sportsmen do not camouflage their visible penis lines

These guys probably don’t think about this issue: they’re just “working”, they play their sport and they need to use the right gear and we know that. So sport guys don’t think about hiding their penis lines, even if sometimes they really got huge dicks and their bulges could be truly considerable. Here is an example of a nice VPL appearing from a soccer player’s short: I could call it a freeballing guy as I start doubting if he’s wearing any underwear. By the way, do you think this dude is worried about his visible dick line?

soccer player visible penis line

Hot pics featuring sport visible penis lines

We don’t need any sort of spy camera to catch some sport bulges: the RuggerBugger megasite is a master in bulging sportsmen and I can rely on it to find always fresh pictures and even videos or gifs featuring hot and big bulges in sports. Let’s share some preview pics, I have gathered different ones from different disciplines.

Fighters, rowers, athletes… and so on and so forth

It doesn’t matter if they are swimmers or wrestlers, fighters or rugby players: there’s always a chance to keep an eye on their bulging cocks. Let’s start with a couple of young rowers wearing a purple spandex singlet: one puts his dick on the right, one on the left, I don’t mind it so much 😉

visible penis lines rowers

muscle sport guy visible penis line sportsmen lycra visible penis line sportsmen visible penis line sportsmen visible penis lines

Swimmers show their VPL too

I wanna try to mention all types of sportsmen in this post, but the list might be too long. You better take a tour to Rugger Bugger to find a complete overview. But I just wanna touch on one more point that I have often been asked by some of my followers: swimmers in speedo. Well, speedo bulges are less flashy than others, but I like to download some pictures too and I can recommend you this Tumblr page featuring some hot speedo bulge images.

Have a look at these bulging speedos I have selected for you.

speedo guy bulge swimmer bulge swimmer speedo visible penis line

Where to find more sports bulges fresh pictures

So, if you are a bulge watcher and you love to see visible penis lines like I do, consider to take a tour the huge archive at Rugger Bugger: you’ll be glued to the screen going through all the exclusive galleries and you’ll have daily updates with pictures you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

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