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straight guys

4 things straight guys love to do

Straight guys love to flash their dick!

It’s time to see some new straight lads willing to show their dicks: you know that str8 buddies love to expose themselves and share their private pics with girls. Today I have something new, with a voyeuristic twist to share here on the Spycamfromguys blog. Let’s watch these hot photographs.

Flashing his dick on the bus

This smiling dude is flashing his big cock on the bus: he seems to be proud of his manhood! Find more shots of straight guys flashing in public by clicking here.

guy flashing dick on bus

Peeing in a bottle

Is this guy too tired to go to the toilet to take a pee? He preferred to piss in a plastic bottle!

guy peeing in a bottle

Naked in public

I’m not sure this is a nudist beach, but I think it isn’t. Anyway, this guy decided to run completely naked in front of dozens of astonished people. Straight guys can really do weird things: visit WatchDudes to see more!

guy running naked city

This is a selfie I really like

I love to watch guys showering, but this is not a spycam shot: this guy is smiling to his friend’s camera while being in the shower, and he shows his huge cock!

straight guy naked shower



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