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How straight friends share nudity together

Why straight guys love to get naked together

Or better… why do straight guys are not afraid or sharing nudity together? I love when I see straight lads talking completely naked in the shower room of my gym, or while undressing in the locker room. They look so natural and they spend a lot of time in the nude without any sex drive (or so I believe): I spent some time to watch them while chatting with their dicks out… and the only person who were looking at their cocks was me, lol!

New pictures of real straight guys naked

Today I have some fresh pictures featuring real straight friends photographed while being completely bare in different situations: your first impression will be only one. These hetero dudes are not afraid of showing their naked bodies to their friends!

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Straight friends taking a nude selfie

These str8 guys seem to be really proud of their thick dicks, so they take a naked selfie in the mirror of the bathroom. Sure they wanna hook up some girl, but I know that you’ll save this picture to your PC, it’s one of the best jack off shots you may have!

straight friends taking naked selfie together

Straight friends peeing together at the urinals

You know that str8 boys have no problems to piss together at the urinals, especially in a club after a few cocktails. But I’m always trying to understand why some of them need to drop their pants down and reveal their butts in public.

straight guys pissing urinals pants down

What about guys undressing in the lockerroom?

There’s no need to visit a soccer team changing room: guys get naked together in their gym lockerroom each and every day, and they’re used to see their cocks out. Even if this is a really natural behaviour for straight guys, I think that seeing a nude man in a locker room is something extremely hot: what about when nude men spend minutes witht their dicks out talking about their gfs after the shower?

straight friends getting naked together

Straight guys photographed naked in the changing room of the gym

straight guys undressing together

Nude boys in the bedroom

Not only girls spend hours looking for the right outfight from their closet: guys need their time too, and I love to watch straight lads getting ready for a night out. Look at the candid pictures below, these guys are trying to find the right match, but they have not yet decided which underwear to use!

straight friend caught naked bathroom straight guy naked bedroom

Straight guys having fun with their dicks out

Let’s come to a different situation. I saved these pictures for last and I’m sure you’ll love’em. The first pic is about two friends relaxing on the sofa: the hung dude on the left is completely naked and he’s proud to show off his huge uncut dick to the camera. I think everyone would love to have a roomie like him!

The second picture features a group of friends on the bus: please tell me the next tour of these hot straight guys as I’d really love to share a trip with them. I think they’re a bit high and they decided to get their clothes off and enjoy the tour witht their cocks out!

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