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Straight guys showering together

Friends taking a group shower

I am not straight, so I cannot bring some of my experiences, but today I would like to talk with you about the behaviour of straight guys, for example when they are all naked in a bathroom. This could happen when they are on holiday: imagine four or five guys in a hotel room, don’t you think they use the bathroom all together at certain times? Besides the fact that I find this extremely exciting, I would like to hear from you, do you have any experience about that? I know that straight guys use to spend a lot of time naked together, you only have to think that they undress in the lockerrooms almost every day and of course they do not feel ashamed. Said that, I think that straight guys who share a bathroom all together is a more intimate situation: do you agree with me?

Sometimes straight dudes also take the opportunity to take funny selfies in the bathroom or even in the shower: watching three straight guys in a shower could arouse suspicion. Do you still think that they’re real str8 guys? Also consider that they also love to share such selfies on Snapchat or other social networks. If they try to impress girls this way we only have to believe them! I’ve watched a dozen of hot videos featuring amateur straight guys having fun in the showers of hotel rooms or at home from this amazing archive, now I can tell you that hetero boys love to expose themselves, at the risk of sounding… gay!

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