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Black dude caught peeing in public toilet by spy camera

black dude caught peeing in public toilet by spy camera

A spycam has been placed above stall to spy on this hung dude taking a pee in a public toilet

Today I would like to open this post with a question I asked myself while watching the candid video that I want to share with you. Why did this black dude choose to pee in the public toilet instead of at the urinals? Perhaps he is ashamed to take out his big dick next to other men? Or maybe there is another explanation?

Are black guys proud or embarrassed when peeing at urinals?

You’ve probably asked yourself this question too if you’ve never happened to catch a black guy peeing at urinals. You know what they say about black guys – they’re packing some serious heat down there. So when it comes time to pee at a public urinal, it can be an awkward experience. I mean, do you want the guy at the urinal next to you to catch a glimpse of your enormous junk? Or do you secretly enjoy the chance to show off your monster dong? It’s a tricky situation that probably elicits mixed feelings. Some black dudes might feel proud to let it all hang out, while others prefer discretion to avoid unwanted attention. But one thing’s for sure – taking a whizz at the urinal as a black guy could be complicated, whether you’re working with a python or a garden hose. So let’s dive into this sensitive topic and explore how black guys really feel about peeing with pride at the public pissoir. Here on the blog we have seen some black guys peeing at urinals, but this deserves further investigation.

dude with big black dick caught peeing at urinals
dude with big black dick caught peeing at urinals

The stereotype: do black men really have larger penises?

Everyone has heard the stereotype that black guys have bigger manhoods. Is it actually true or just a myth? According to several studies, there does appear to be some truth to this claim. On average, black men do tend to have slightly larger penises than men of other races. However, there is a lot of overlap between groups and a great deal of diversity among individuals. So while the stereotype may hold in a general sense, there are plenty of exceptions.

Dick size research

Researchers have conducted several studies comparing penis sizes across racial groups. A study of over 15,000 men found that the average flaccid penis length was 3.61 inches for black men, 3.66 inches for white men, and 3.14 inches for Asian men. The average erect penis length was 5.21 inches for black men, 5.16 inches for white men, and 4.88 inches for Asian men. Another study found similar results, with black men averaging around a half inch longer than white or Hispanic men, both flaccid and erect. As you can see, black men have bigger than average dicks, there is no doubt about it now.

Cultural influences

Cultural attitudes and stereotypes may also play a role in the perception of this difference. We tend to notice and remember things that confirm our preexisting beliefs. So if someone expects black men to have larger penises, they may be more likely to recall instances that support that view and overlook those that contradict it. Pornography and media that frequently portray black men as hypersexual or as having large penises likely also contribute to the spread and persistence of this stereotype in popular culture.

Diversity among individuals

While these studies show some average differences, there is a lot of variation among individuals. Penis size depends on many factors, and a man’s race is only a small part of the picture. Some black men have smaller penises, just as some men of other races have larger ones. So avoid making assumptions based on someone’s race or other attributes. When it comes to size, every man is different.

As for spycam videos of black guys caught peeing, I can’t say that I have posted many so far, in fact, maybe I should get busy sharing more candid footages with you. But those few videos you can find on Spycamfromguys for now confirm that black men have big dicks, like the black dude caught pissing in the street.

black guy caught peeing in the street from a parked car
black guy caught peeing in the street from a parked car


Peeing at urinals as a black man: the struggle is real

As a black man, using a public urinal can be complicated. You’ve probably heard the stereotype that black guys are packing some serious heat down there. When standing next to other dudes at the urinal, you might feel anxious that they’re sneaking peeks to compare sizes. The truth is, most guys are just there to do their business and get out, but that nagging worry can make things awkward. But as you may well know, there are guys who enjoy comparing cocks while peeing to urinals.

Trying not to show off

On the other hand, some black guys feel pressure to prove the stereotype true by choosing a urinal that prominently displays the goods. But whipping it out for show risks coming across as obnoxious or even creepy to others. Most dudes, black or not, just want to pee in peace without dealing with a peen peek show.

Finding the right balance

As with many areas of life, the key for black men is finding the right balance. Go to the urinal when you need to go, just like anyone else. Don’t feel obligated to prove anything or assume what others might be thinking. Stay confident in yourself without worrying excessively about stereotypes or stigmas. Do your thing and get out, just like any other dude.

While cultural baggage and stereotypes can complicate even a simple act like using a public restroom, the struggle comes down to battling internal pressures and anxieties. The truth is, most guys in there don’t care about your race or size. They just want to pee and wash up. So take a deep breath and remember that you’re a human first. Focus on that, and the rest will flow naturally.

Owning it: should black men feel ashamed or proud?

As a black man standing at a urinal, you may feel a mix of emotions. On one hand, you may feel a twinge of embarrassment knowing that the stereotype of black men being well-endowed could lead others to glance over with curiosity or envy. However, you should never feel ashamed of who you are.

You were born the way you are, and you have nothing to feel embarrassed about. Having a larger penis does not define you or make you any less of a man. Do not let stereotypes or societal pressures make you feel lesser. Your self-worth and confidence should come from within, not what others may assume about you based on myths. Stand up straight, do your business with confidence and then move on. Do not let the thoughts and stares of others have power over you.

Flaunt it if you want to

On the other hand, if you want to show off what you’ve got with pride, go for it! As long as you carry yourself with confidence and do so respectfully, celebrating your body and sexuality can be empowering. If you catch an admiring glance, smile back boldly. There is nothing wrong with embracing and loving your body. You owe no one an apology or explanation. I would be super excited if while I am peeing at an urinal I were to have a black stud next to me who enjoys showing off his huge cock!

It’s all in your attitude

Ultimately, how you feel about using a public urinal comes down to your own attitude and confidence in yourself as a man. Do not let stereotypes or the reactions of others dictate how you should feel about yourself. Stand tall, focus on your own business, and walk away with your head high — whether you feel proud or indifferent. Your worth and identity are defined by you alone.

Big black dick peeing at the urinals in public restroom
Big black dick peeing at the urinals in public restroom

Experiences and stories: black men sound off on using public urinals

The size factor

For many black men, our size can make using public urinals awkward. Some guys feel a bit of pride showing what they’re packing, but for others it can feel like you’re on display. “I’ve had people stare or make comments, and it’s just uncomfortable,” says Andre, 32. “I try to use stalls when I can to avoid the unwanted attention.”

The unwritten rules

There’s a kind of unspoken code among guys using urinals. Don’t stare, don’t talk, just do your business and move on. But for black men, the “don’t stare” rule seems to go out the window. “I’ve had white dudes blatantly stare with their mouths hanging open,” laughs Mike, 29. “Part of me wants to say ‘Take a picture, it’ll last longer!’ but mostly it’s just annoying.” Some guys say they get more stares from other black men, as if they’re sizing each other up. Either way, excessive staring is not cool.

I’ve had white dudes blatantly stare with their mouths hanging open,” laughs Mike, 29. “Part of me wants to say ‘Take a picture, it’ll last longer!’

Own it or hide it?

Some black men have adopted an “own it” mentality. “I used to be really self-conscious, but now I figure if you stare, that’s on you,” says Wes, 24. “I can’t control how God made me.” Others prefer to avoid the issue altogether and use stalls whenever possible. “I don’t need that kind of attention when I’m just trying to take a leak,” says Damien, 30.

At the end of the day, using public restrooms should be a quick, simple experience for anyone. But for black men, it can be complicated. While some have learned to brush off the stares and comments, others hope that one day, their size won’t be seen as such an oddity by others in the men’s room. Until that day comes, the stall will continue to be a refuge for those not wanting to put themselves on display.



So there you have it. For some black guys, whipping it out at the urinal is a proud moment – a chance to showcase their impressive package. For others, it’s more of an awkward experience, hoping no one glances over or starts comparing sizes. At the end of the day, we’re all just dudes trying to take a leak, no matter the size or color of our junk. The bathroom is one place we should be able to let it all hang out without judgment. Unless you’re helicoptering at the urinal, in which case, knock it off. Let’s keep things classy in there, fellas.

Now, enjoy this awesome spycam video and spy on this black dude caught peeing in a public toilet by a spy camera placed above the stall. After all, we can’t know the reason why he chose not to pee at the urinals, but I think he shouldn’t be at all afraid to pull out his big cock in front of the pissoirs, or should he?



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