Mauricio shower at Gran Hermano Argentina 2016

As I told you last week, the Gran Hermano Argentina 2016 (Big Brother) is giving us lots of surprises each and every day. I shared with you the video of Luifa Galesio taking a shower with a semi hard on and Mariano Mattera washing his sexy body in the BB house. Today I have a new contestant, Mauricio Guirao, a 23 years old Argentinean guy: he seems having zero problems showing his naked body in the shower. Like all the other guys, Mauricio is showing us his nice dick and his lovely ass too, enjoy! If you wanna watch more videos from the Big Brother guys getting naked on TV, you can consider to visit EricDeman video clips archive: you’ll be able to download tons of exclusive videos!

mauricio guirao shower gran hermano argentina 2016

Here is the animated GIF showing you some stills from his naked shower.